John O'Reagan - Physiotherapist

I started training with Judy nearly a year ago after I've injured my knee. She took the time to research my injury and tailored a programme that took my injury into consideration. I've always found her knowledgeable, friendly and motivational.

Cathy O'Connell

I used to go to Judy's classes before Covid. I found her a great coach, kind and great with people.
Her classes are very enjoyable always and she treats everyone with dignity and respect. She makes a person believe in themselves and gives everyone encouragement.

Mary T. Murphy

When I joined a gym 5 years ago I have never used the gym before and only did so because of health reasons I was very apprehensive about going. I was taken in by Judy and from the first day, I met her she was brilliant. She is professional, encouraging and 150% committed to the person she is dealing with regardless of your fitness, but as a person also. I took on TRX and Bodypump with her and now looking forward to doing them every week as soon as gyms open up. I also had a personal tragedy in my life years back and Judy and her classes helped me more than I can say. I found Judy is the most professional, inspirational, dedicate and committed, kind and always approachable and willing to listen. She is my number one. 
One of Mary's quotes on a fitness testing day.'' THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME THAT I WAS ACTUALLY DOING 10 PUSH-UPS WITHOUT STOPPING''

Judit M. Amer

I've been a member of the gym where Judy worked. Since day one Judy has been the most respectful, caring and supportive towards everyone inside and outside of the classes. I was recovering from a procedure at that time...
Judy by far is the most committed, caring and honest PT I have ever met. She has helped me achieve my goals that I never in my life thought I could achieve. I am forever grateful for Judy and all she has done for me.

Zsuzsanna Frantz

I met Judy 2 years ago. Besides Judy become my friend, she has also started training me in the gym. I honestly can say that I grew to know as an honest, helpful, dedicated person. As I had personal issues in my life, she has always watched out for me, coaching, not just my physical, but emotional, mental health as well. She can relate to everyday persons issues, and she does everything for her client, very understanding yet not leaving you to get lazy.